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2 Year Olds Language and Development

When working with young children I have observed that on average, 2-year-old has a vocabulary of approximately 150-300 words

I have found that children’s understanding of rhythm is a crucial part of this stage of development. As children of this age begin to combine sentences using conjunctionS which include “and,” and “they” .

It is crucial to see that language and literacy evolves in your immediate environment and not from flash cards or a tokenistic worksheet . What I mean by this is through engaging interactions, playful reading sessions, and language games you will organic learning happen and the process will evolve that is unique to thee.

A particular favourite of one of the activities I play with two year olds in nursery settings is making up a silly story For example, such as telling them that lions say “woof,woof ”, implementing commentary alongside see if they can correct you, and then try to trick you.

Another favourite activity of mine, is building scrapbooks with pictures of family events, evidently this a great opportunity to invite them into conversations about family members or remembrances of past adventures for example during lockdown and family holidays.

The next activity I find beneficial for communication and language is telling

children stories about himself, real or made up. Commentary when reading this story could be colors and other adjectives (big, small, etc.).

Lastly I’m always drawn to rhyme and singing, maybe it’s the Irish heritage, and the songs my grandmother used to sing to me. The most effective method I find for young children is making a song about everything!! waking up, brushing your teeth, going to the toilet and even going for a walk.

Make reading an intimate time, evidently I have found that through appropriate questioning helps to extend their individual vocabulary this includes focusing on what the character is feeling? and what will happen next?

Most Common Words that I have found toddlers use are the following.

  1. Mummy

  2. Daddy

  3. Baby

  4. Milk

  5. Juice

  6. Hello

  7. Ball

  8. Yes

  9. No

  10. Dog

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